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Om of Medicine is a provisioning center and non-profit organization in Ann Arbor founded to assist our members in safely and securely obtaining medical cannabis in accordance with the Michigan Marihuana Act of 2008.  All members must be valid state-registered medical cannabis patients.  Proper documentation and identification is required for membership.  Because the Michigan Marihuana Act of 2008 recognizes the rights of out-of-state patients, membership is open to non-Michigan residents who are registered cannabis users in their resident state*.

 (*State in which the patient resides must also be a state that recognizes reciprocity. These states currently include Nevada, Delaware, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Arizona)


Power to the Patients!

The recent Michigan Supreme Court decision, in the case of The State of Michigan vs. McQueen, has created many uncertainties about how provisioning centers fit within the laws and rules that govern the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.
What is certain is that MMJ patients have no reason to fear prosecution in acquiring cannabis as a card holder due to this judgement.
We urge everyone to contact your state officials and tell them to protect our right to safe access of medical cannabis. Ask for the passage of a local option bill HB 4271 that establishes and defines provisioning centers.
Visiting   Find Your Senator will provide you with information about your state senator. Please contact us if you have any other questions.

Help support this cause and be the difference!