Brianna Worthing at Om of Medicine


Bri is a proud product of Ann Arbor public schools and a recent graduate from the University of Michigan. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Movement Science at the School of Kinesiology, following her interests in human physiology and motor control development.

There were many factors that captured Bri’s love for cannabis, including its natural holistic and preventative healing approach, its rich evolutionary and sociopolitical history and the underlying mechanics that make cannabis one of the safest and effective medications with such an extensive therapeutic window.

Bri is passionate about researching and understanding the complexity of our endocannabinoid system and the vast possibilities of health benefits that come from introducing external cannabinoids derived from this versatile herb. As the Patient Care Coordinator at Om, she focuses on facilitating a comfortable & educational environment that prioritizes personalized assistance for each patient. On her days off, Bri loves exploring new nature trails with her dog, Charlie, and finds comfort in reading novels and listening to records.

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