Sunday, April 29th 2018- FREE Medical Cannabis Support Group

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•Are you new to utilizing medical cannabis?
•Would you like to learn more about the delivery methods available with medical cannabis?
•Looking to meet others who are integrating cannabis in to their health care?
•Want to stay up to date on the latest policies and research?

We invite YOU and a guest to join us for our monthly Medical Cannabis Support Group as we continue to create more community connection!

This group provides a comfortable atmosphere to come listen & gain insight, share your experiences, and meet others who may be facing similar challenges.

It is also a great educational tool for our patients to utilize and is designed for positive self-growth and healing.

Support is crucial as we all work to dismantle prohibition & what better way is there than to start with our own personal health!

*➰*The group is always FREE and open to ANY and ALL patients looking for support. Non-cardholder guests are also welcome to attend. *➰*

**This is not intended to treat substance abuse. Please consult with your medical & mental health care professionals before making changes to your health care.**

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