Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor at 112 S. Main Street, on the 3rd floor.  We have two entrances: a stair only entrance accessible from Main St., and a handicap accessible elevator entrance located around back of the building.The stair-only entrance is located between the two restaurants: Vinology and Back 2 Roots on Main Street. For security purposes, both entrances are locked and require that you ring a buzzer labeled “Om of Medicine” for us to grant you access.


Q: What are your hours?

A: We are open Monday though Saturday from 12:00pm until 8:00pm, and Sundays from 12:00pm until 4:00pm.   If you are new to the Om of Medicine, we ask that you arrive by 7:30 in order to have plenty of time to sign up and learn about all of our medicinal offerings.

Q: Where should I park?

A: We offer a complimentary 1-hour parking validation card for all Republic Parking structures with each visit.  Nearby lots are located on Ashley St, between Liberty & Huron, and on Ann St., between Ashley & Main.  Public Parking is also available below Ann Arbor City Apartments, located off of Washington St., between Ashley and 1st St.


Q: How do I become a member?  Do you have a membership fee?

A: Our application process is brief.  First, you will need to show us your medical cannabis license and personal identification card issued by the State of Michigan, as well as a third form of identification – anything with your name or picture on it will suffice.  Patients must complete a one-page membership application designed to verify your personal information and allow us to get a better idea of how to best assist you in finding the right medication for your unique, individual needs.  We do not have a membership fee, but we do require a one-time $1.00 donation to Food Gatherers of Ann Arbor upon signing up. You’re welcome to give more.

Q: I just obtained my Physician’s Certification today, am I ready to be a member?

A: Unfortunately, not yet. We require our patients to be state-registered with the Michigan Medical Marihuana Program. The state takes 21 business days to review your application.  For further information on using your paperwork as a temporary medical license, please see the question and answer below.

Q: I have my paperwork, but not my hard card. Am I eligible to become a member?

A: Hopefully, but first we need to verify your status.  Even if you have been approved by a doctor and have filled out the appropriate paperwork, you must wait until you are state registered before you may obtain medical cannabis through the Om of Medicine. The licensing department in the State of Michigan requires 21 business days to review your paperwork and either approve or deny your application. Due to this clause, we cannot accept your copy of your paperwork until 21 days from the date that the State of Michigan receives your application. We will need to see proof that the State of Michigan has received your paperwork so that we can ensure that the full 21 business day waiting period has passed. The best way to do this is to send out your paperwork via certified or tracked mail, and wait to get the delivery-receipt stamped with date of reception by the licensing department. If the licensing department has not sent you a denial letter within 21 business days from the date stamped on that receipt, your paperwork is now valid as a temporary medical license until your official registry card arrives.Your doctor should be able to walk you through this process, but please feel free to call us at (734)369.8255 if you have any questions as we understand that this process can be confusing.

Q: Can I bring a friend or family member with me? Does he or she need to have his or her medical card?

A: Of course you can! Our goal here at Om of Medicine is to provide an atmosphere that offers you the most comfort and happiness possible during your visit. For us, that often means sharing your experience with someone you are close to, and we are happy to accommodate up to two guests in our member lounge for the duration of your consultation. Guests are welcome to listen to music, enjoy coffee or tea, and use our guitars and iPads.

Q: Do you certify patients? Can I get my medical card from you?

A: We do not. However, we can refer you to someone that does! Pied Pfeifer Compassionate Care Clinic is a safe and friendly certification center located at 2500 Packard Street, Suite 102, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. They are primarily open during the weekends, but they occasionally have appointments available during the week. They can be reached at (734)-929-4230. Make sure to schedule an appointment to be seen by the doctor ahead of time.

Q: I lost my medical card.  How do I obtain a replacement?

A: You complete the “Request Replacement Card” portion of the Patient Change Form , and mail this, with the appropriate fees to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA).  LARA may be reached for questions by phone at (517)-373-0395.

Q: Can you mail me my medicine?

A: Unfortunately, because of legal issues surrounding cannabis in general, we cannot ship any medicine. However, you can place an order with us ahead of time once you are a member, either online or via phone, and pick up your order up to three days later. To learn how to place an order online, visit our “Medicine” page on our website.

Q: Do you carry clones?

A. We do not.  However, we do carry unfeminised seeds from multiple Michigan breeders.  Please see our full menu for current varieties.

Q: Why does your online menu say “suggested donation” above the price? Do I have to pay the full amount?

A: We want to provide easy access to the highest quality cannabis medicines, in a comfortable environment.  Our suggested donations are the amount we feel is fair for each medicine, though as a NPO, we can offer flexibility in our pricing, and offer a 10% discount if you are a veteran, have a disability, or you are a senior.  The suggested donation helps cover the costs of growing, processing and lab-testing our medicine to ensure its quality. 

Q: What is the difference between THC and CBD?

A: THC and CBD are both cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant and are responsible for the most noticeable effects on the body. While THC is the compound that typically gives you that “high” feeling (all of the psychoactive effects), CBD offers medicinal benefits, ranging from pain relief to  the management of seizures without psychoactive side-effects. This unique set of effects make CBD ideal for parents seeking treatment for their children’s symptoms.   Although CBD has been found to inhibit the “high” effects of the THC, THC works synergistically with CBD, increasing the positive effects of the cannabinoid. To learn more, read our “Strains and Ailments” page on the website here.

Q: Do you accept medical cannabis cards from other states?

A: Yes, we do! However, because laws vary greatly from state to state, only states with medical cannabis laws compatible with Michigan’s are accepted. At this time, this includes Nevada and Maine.

Q: Do you offer any new patient specials or gifts?

A: It is our goal here at Om of Medicine to improve your quality of life every time you walk through our doors. Therefore, to help you find the best medication for your needs, we often include a complimentary sample product on your first visit.  Additionally, as a member, you will have access to exclusive deals and birthday gifts, and all members who are seniors, who have a disability, or who are veterans qualify for a 10% discount every time they come in (please note that these discounts are not cumulative).

Q: Can I order my medicine online or via phone?

A: Yes and yes! To learn how to place an order online, visit out “Medicine” page on our website. Otherwise, feel free to call us at (734)-369-8255 and place your order with an Om employee. You may reserve your medicine up to three days ahead of time. We ask that you do pick up your medicine within 72 hours so that we may help all members to the best of our ability. 

Q: Are you hiring?

A: Though we are not hiring at the moment, positions do occasionally open up.   If you are interested in working for The Om of Medicine, you may send your resume and a cover letter explaining why you think you would be a good fit here to our HR Manager, Kim. She can be reached at: kim@omofmedicine.org.

Q: Do you accept overages?

A: We do, although we require all overages by laboratory-tested beforehand.   If you’d like, bring in a two gram sample of your product(s) – one for laboratory testing and one for us to sample for quality analysis. There is a $35 testing fee for every product/strain for which the caregiver is responsible.  

Q: I am an artist, are you currently accepting submissions for your gallery?

A: Although wall space is limited, we are always looking for fresh, creative art to elevate our patient’s experience.  If you would like your art featured at the Om of Medicine, please email sample photos to info@omofmedicine.org and we will get back to you regarding availability.

Q: What does the passing of the house bills and laws in Michigan from August 2016 mean for patients and caregivers?

A: Here is a link to the House Bills passed in August of 2016: http://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2015-2016/billengrossed/House/pdf/2015-HEBS-4209.pdf