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Changes to Michigan Marihuana Laws September 2016

LARA Michigan Marihuana Program

Students for Sensible Drug Policy 

Marijuana Policy Project 

Leaf Science 

Americans for Safe Access: Patient Guides

The Compassion Chronicles 

Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform 

Michigan Medical Marijuana Association

Medical Marijuana vs. ADA in the Workplace

Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan

Marijuana Today




Research Articles

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Marijuana May Hold Promise in Preventing Heart Disease March 2014

Clearing the smoke: What do we know about adolescent cannabis use and schizophrenia? March 2014

Pregnenolone Can Protect the Brain from Cannabis Intoxication January 2014

Neuroprotective effects of the cannabinoid agonist HU210 on retinal degeneration March 2014

HIV/AIDS Cure May be found in Cannabis January 2014

Anti-tumor agents in cannabis June 2012

Cannabis can help cancer patients regain appetite and sense of taste February 2011

CBD and breast cancer cell-related gene expression November 2007