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Om of Medicine is dedicated to providing our patients with the most professional medical guidance. Not only do we incorporate relevant scientific studies into our counseling, but we are actively striving to uncover new valuable evidence for our patients by conducting our own research studies. Click below to learn more:

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Scientists and medical professionals have conducted countless studies on cannabis, testing its efficacy for the treatment of different conditions and researching guidelines for its most effective use. Choose a condition below to read some of the studies that have been conducted.

Guidelines for Use

Cannabis-based medicine naturally targets diseases and symptoms from many different angles with a very safe, low-risk side effect profile. However, the exact mechanisms of actions are very complex, especially with so many variables from the over 500 active constituents in herbal cannabis to the patient’s individualized endocannabinoid system. This level of complexity combined with relatively low clinical research conducted on medicinal cannabis makes it difficult to accurately predict a patient’s response, experience & treatment efficacy to cannabis-based medicine.

Therefore, there is a natural trial-and-error period of finding the dose (potency, ratio of cannabinoids, delivery system etc.) that relieves an individuals targeted symptoms effectively while avoiding any unwanted side effects, such as fatigue or “feeling high”. While this may be overwhelming at first, it gives the patient the flexibility to highly personalize their cannabis-based medicine around their specific needs and goals. 

Here at Om, we incorporate the most relevant scientific research currently available into our recommendations to provide the best treatments options for each patient. Below are some of the major studies we utilize:

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