Medical Cannabis Research

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September 7th Rally


There is a rally to show our intent and determination as patients to protect our rights! OM will be sponsoring a bus trip to Lansing to make our representatives aware that we voted for Michigan Medical Marijuana for good reasons and we intend to keep it.
When: September 7th
Bus leaves at 10:00am and will be returning to Ann Arbor around 5:00pm.
Where: Bus will be picking up and dropping back off from the Kroger parking lot at 400 S Maple (near the corner of Maple and Jackson).
How: Please e-mail or phone OM in advance.
Food and drink will be included!

More information on the latest dispensary news

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero: Medical marijuana decision
‘a trainwreck of epic proportions’.
Genesse County community officials not making a move to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries in the area.
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Medical Research

Stay up-to-date with which states & how they legalized the use of medical marijuana.

Americans for Safe Access;
Information regarding how medical marijuana can help treat:


Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


Gastro-Intestinal (GI)

Movement Disorder


Chronic Pain


6 Responses to “Medical Cannabis Research”

  1. Adam says:

    My name is Adam from Nature’s Alternative in Detroit on the Grosse Pointe border. We are rallying all of our patients to stand up in Lansing on Sept., 7, 2011!!!!! Thank you OM of Medicine for an outstanding job and your overall professionalism in our industry!! See you all in Lansing!!!

  2. Sandra H. says:

    The research on medical cannabis does not lie! Thanks to you folks for helping spread the word. Please write/call your government representatives today – together we can do this!!!!

  3. P. Mitchell says:

    Most people in the MMJ community know that it’s great for relieving symptoms of chemo and radiation, but many don’t know that it can actually CURE cancer. So if you guys aren’t aware already, here’s a bunch of information on it, both scientific studies and patient testimonials. There are two excellent documentaries about this. One is called “What if Cannabis Cured Cancer” and the other is called “Run From The Cure”. The latter is available on youtube –

  4. buckhead house cleaning says:

    I believe pot should be made legalized for medical use. There is no persuade why it should not be. This is an surrogate treatement for in poor health patients who truly need something to help them cope or survive a formidable illness. It is time to give people their rights back, why should they take dangerous prescription drugs for ? Those prescription drugs can kill rank and file while pot cannot . So why is one that you cannot perish from ilpermissible while the ones that you can expire from allowed ?

  5. Bon1966 says:

    The evidence that marijuana has medical value is overwhelming. The accredited university studies are stacking up like cord wood. The US government holds medical patents on it, for heavens sake! There is no more denying medical benefits, that argument is over. There are thousands of cancer/epilespy/MS/cronic pain patients using marijuana currently in MI to study if anyone is seriously interested.

    The only problem with marijuana is political in nature. Legalizing it would take a huge bite out of law enforcement, and for good reason. We simply can not survive being a country depending on incarceration for jobs, it’s nonsensical and unsustainable. The final fork in this turkey is the ecomomy. It’s done, the war is over, please tell the feds they lost the hearts and minds of the people, and this war is over

  6. asuransi manulife says:

    I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thanks again!