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“This place had by far the best atmosphere in Ann Arbor. Very friendly and doing great work to give back.”

-N.C. (Patient)


“This incredible place, Om of Medicine, has faithfully served my needs to obtain vital medication that saves my life. With smiles on all their faces, the staff are so compassionately educated about the medical values and properties of  marijuana, they will guide you to exactly what your mind, body and spirit need. I know it’s hard to believe in this day  and age but the people that own and run this facility really care about the patients they’re serving. That’s why I   patronize this oasis exclusively. They treat patients just like they should be treated. Human beings with human needs. The atmosphere at the provisioning center is the most amazing of any I have ever visited and I have visited 308 dispensaries and coffee shops worldwide . Different mediums of art surround you as you explore, listen to music,  read on the latest marijuana news and relax on ergonomic art deco furniture. You have to see, smell, taste and experience this place for yourself.”

-S.J. (Patient)


“Super cool place. definitely need to check it out if you haven’t been. really chill lounge to relax, awesome art for sale by  local artists and friendly, knowledgeable staff make this place my new favorite!”

-M.B. (Patient)


“Very knowledgeable and caring bud tenders.  Quality products on all levels.  Atmosphere is awesome”

-F.H. (Patient)


state rep seal

“As a legislator, I have had the opportunity to work with many in the medical cannabis community. Om of Medicine stands out as being transparent, responsive, and exceptionally engaged in our community.”
—Jeff Irwin, Michigan State Representative, 53rd District (Ann Arbor)

“Large selection knowledgable staff. One of the oldest dispensaries around definitely worth a visit for any enthusiast or connoisseur.  You won’t find buds this nice anywhere else superior flavor and high specialize in organics and have ties to famous growers and  genetics. Gold caps are a great value also.
 -J.C. (Patient)

“I’ve been hitting up Om of Medicine since they opened. They’ve always been insanely nice and the building doesn’t even feel like a   dispensary. After being greeted by the desk lady, you feel at home.  Once back on the patient rooms, there’s a huge selection of  edibles and flowers. Their concentrates are good, and they always usually have some killer bubble or full melt. they stock Rick Simpson oil that is of good quality as well.  Om of Medicine is always doing things for the community and always have food/coat drives going.  This place is about the community and the patients.”
-T.T. (Patient)

“I love Om. This was the first dispensary I ever went to once I got my card. Everyone at Om is sooo nice and friendly. They all are easygoing, happy, and mellow people. Om has the best medibles out of any other dispensary that Ive been to, for sure. I think Om is pretty hard to beat. Their flower always smells nice and seems fresh, do you know what I mean?Some of the medibles that I’ve had from other dispensaries have not had much, if any, of an effect  on me — but the fruity crispy bar, the pretzels, and the chocolate from Om really hit me like a ton of bricks. It  was awesome. Everything here from the atmosphere (they have the best music selection ever), to the staff, to the vast  selection of fresh bud, to the potent aroma of weed hanging heavy in the air once you walk in — is a pleasant experience all around, every time. I have never, ever once been disappointed by anything here.”

-S.O. (Patient)

state rep seal
“Om of Medicine is an asset to the medical cannabis community in Michigan”
—Mike Callton, Michigan State Representative, 87th District

“With an ultra modern lounge waiting area complete with I-Pads for browsing the menu, big screen TV, and soothing sound system you will feel welcomed, comfortable; and appreciated here. And they validate parking if you park in the lot behind the building! While they are up on the 3rd floor, an elevator is there to make the climb easier. Oh, and the packaging of meds is by far the best I’ve seen so far. Hard plastic labeled short containers with screw on tops. Much like Hash and Wax containers only bigger.”
 -G.C. (Patient)

“This place is outstanding in every aspect….. staff was very informative pleasant & helpful. The atmosphere was warm and inviting with a very cool vibe to it. And the concentrates I picked up were top notch at a great price ….. I will be stopping into Om again for sure.”
-G.O. (Patient)

“Love the location, the open floor plan with plenty of awesome seating and lounge area for people who are waiting. Awesome art, music, and other eye catching things. Meds are great and the staff is super friendly. This will always be one my regular spots.”
-B.B. (Patient)

ann arbor city logo
  “I strongly support Om of Medicine in their efforts to provide medicinal cannabis services … I    have found them to be patient-focused, engaged in our community, and transparent in all of the
    dealings with the City government.”
     —Sabra Briere, City Council Ann Arbor

This is a great location for me, the closest to my work, and great hours to boot.
They have a beautiful lounge for you to wait in, with iPads set up with their menu ready to read while you wait. The staff was able to answer any questions I had and offered me tea/coffee/water while I waited. And you never have to wait long. They have a medium size selection of herb and it’s great stuff! Never had a bad herb product from them. Haven’t tried too many of the edibles or other products to give an accurate review.When the laws went all wonky a few weeks ago, this was the only place I know of in the Arbor/Ypsi area that actively got it’s patients into a letter writing campaign to MI’s senators, governor, lawmakers, etc to push for legalization. Om also does quite a bit of activism in the community as well. I would recommend this shop to my Mother, that’s how much I like it here.
– P.Z. (Patient)

“Total 5/5. as close to cali as it gets around here..prices and selection were spot on and the quality is almost 2nd to none…great work all!”
-C.N. (Patient)

“Powerful strains. Powerful and delicious edibles. Love these guys.”
-M.C. (Patient)

food gatherers
“Om of Medicine’s corporate support, volunteer efforts, and general engagement in the fight
against hunger have enhanced our organization and community in a meaningful way.”
—Mary H. Schlitt, Food Gatherers

 Flowers are top notch and even the bottom shelf stuff is worth smoking. Only at Om have I seen this type of quality medication, fair prices, and customer service that always makes you feel comfortable. Staff that know you by name the second time you come. The wax is also always POTENT no matter the strain.
-J.Z. (Patient)

Great dispensary! The largest one I have ever been to. Incredible selection, amazing flowers, fair donation prices, great variety of medibles.
-L.B. (Patient)

It’s a day trip for us to visit Om of Medicine, and well worth it. We’ve been there twice now and the professionalism put them above any other outlet we’ve been to. If you have done your research and know what you want, this staff will guide you to some wonderful options. This is the model for other facilities try and imitate.
-B.G. (Patient)

Walking into Om is like walking into a high-end art gallery that happens to be a great dispensary too. Their brownies and krispies are A++, their meds are honestly some of the best quality I’ve seen in the area. The staff is friendly and pretty knowledgable about getting you the right meds for your specific ailments.
-J.A. (Patient)

  “Om of Medicine has been an active member of the nonprofit merchant association I run in downtown Ann Arbor. Their offices are aesthetically pleasing, well maintained, and very professional.”
    — Maura Thomson, Main Street Area Association

Going to Om is always a highlight of my week!! :)Keep up the good work guys!
-T.B. (Patient)

 I am from California, so I have been to a lot of Collective’s and have seen my share of strains and concentrates. The Caviar from Om is AWESOME…. VERY POTENT! Def the best I have seen in MI.
-G.C. (Patient)

I love everything this place has and continues to offer. these guys go out of their way to make things happen not only for the movement of medicine but for the people who go there. I would say to anyone who reads this review take the friendly advice and go here. You won’t regret it and I hope these guys stay open for a long time and provide the best service.
-A.Z. (Patient)

Could the scene be more serene? No. Could the staff be more pleasant? No.  Once you navigate actually getting there, the experience is surreal. Plus, from a grower’s standpoint they have both TGA Subcool and DJ Short genetics. I needn’t say more but I will. There is a fine line between providing medicine and providing genuine care for your patients, and OM does both.
 -C.M. (Patient)

ann arbor art center
   “Om of Medicine’s staff is incredibly professional in everything they do and also very compassionate about their cause and their interactions with anyone they meet.”  —Nathan Rice, Ann Arbor Art Center

As soon as i walked into this place I really was blown away. Everything from the way i was handled the second I got into the door, the processing of my paperwork, and then the experience once inside the doctors office was the best I’ve ever had. Other dispensaries I’ve been to in the area have not even come close to rivaling the sheer level of professionalism the doctors at Om do on a daily basis. everything is clean, easy to access, questions are answered promptly and knowledgeably without hesitation. The selection of medicines by far superior to any I’ve seen since becoming a patient, any and EVERY type is just phenomenal! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a better experience, and can say this is the only one I will ever go to from now on.
-S.M. (Patient)

This is where I go the most in a2 by far, and always recommend other patients to check out. There are a couple things I think set them apart, like how comfortable you feel in there. There aren’t many other places that make you feel like you’re in the right place for actual medicine. The staff is friendly and the waiting area and dispensing areas are roomy, cool, and easily accessible by people in wheelchairs. I have a friend/fellow patient who comes with sometimes, and needs to be able to move around in his wheelchair. It was nice to find out they are handicap accessible, as most others are, this one just happens to be on the second floor of a main st. building. Meds are BY FAR the best in town, in my opinion. Parking would normally be a problem since its downtown, but they offer validation if you just ask someone at the front desk, so it kind of solves that issue as long as you remember. Prices have gone down during my time as a member and the other places in town don’t offer the member events like this place (which are actually a lot of fun).
-A.P. (Patient)