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Luis R. – January 2019

Luis began using medical cannabis shortly after he was discharged from the service for a martial arts injury to ease the pain and his arthritis. Shortly after, he began using cannabis to help with PTSD. “[I prefer using] flower for moderate pain and concentrates for chronic pain and insomnia. My chronic pain is now manageable and [my] PTSD, anxiety, and depression are almost non-existent. I have also weaned off of alcohol,” which Luis said was negatively affecting his condition. “With cannabis, I can enjoy my life without any negative side effects, and move forward positively, mentally, spiritually, and physically”.
“Cannabis has saved my life and spared my family in a time when PTSD, anxiety, and and depression were crushing me and everything I loved, and alcohol only exacerbated things. Because alcohol is legal and an acceptable part of the Marine culture, many tend to medicate with that. Coupled with PTSD and mental illness, [irresponsible alcohol use] can cause a multitude of issues from mass shootings to domestic violence.” Luis thanks medical cannabis for helping him wean off of his alcohol dependency and reclaim his “mind and soul”. “I stand by this flower as a symbol of peace, and peace is the ultimate goal of the warrior. Semper Fidelis.”