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Garai is 24 years old and originally from the Detroit area, although he graduated from Ann Arbor schools. He loves A2 because of the great friends and mentors that he has in his life today, and he’s grateful enough to have an opportunity to be a youth basketball coach in during these past few years in the same area he played during his childhood. With that being said, while playing basketball Garai suffered numerous of injuries to his ankles and more specifically his knees/joints. It wasn’t until he grew of age before he realized how cannabis could/would help him remedy his chronic pain.

Aside from hanging with friends and using cannabis recreationally on the weekends, he had no clue about the medical benefits of cannabis until 2014 when his Mother, who lived in Arizona, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. He packed his bags and headed to Arizona right after high school to take the best care of his Mom that he possibly could. During that time filled with frequent doctor’s visits, trying to help his Mom’s quality of life, Garai started doing his own research on cannabis and how it could help during cancer treatments/remission as an alternative to prescribed pills.  One specific night his Mother was laying down on the couch after a recent treatment earlier in the day, she began moaning and groaning in pain she could not describe herself but felt as if it were never ending. He was determined to have his Mom try some sort of cannabis to help her get some relief, and had her try using some flower. At this moment his Mom felt herself gradually feeling better after only a couple minutes of using the cannabis. The very next morning, was on her laptop doing all kinds of research of her own, because it decreased her pain, and increased her quality of life with minimal side effects. Garai’s mom has been a medical marijuana patient ever since, has beat cancer with the help of cannabis, and the fact he introduced her in such a pivotal time makes even more special.