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Justin M. – September 2018

Justin began using cannabis in 2009. He prefers smoking his medicine not only because of the fast effect, but also because the physical smoke is therapeutic to him. “Smoking cannabis is a relaxing and uplifting experience. Without cannabis, my body gets tight and aches, my back will go out much easier, and my nerve pain is much more significant.” Justin says cannabis also vastly improves his mental condition, helping to regulate his emotions when in painful situations that can otherwise be difficult to control. “Clean, safe cannabis, without any type of contamination, is the only way I can stay productive and live a normal, healthy, happy life.”

“Before cannabis, I was burning up. My body was failing and I had no relief from chronic anger and pain. Cannabis gave me my life back.”

Justin notes that we are still facing a great challenge ahead with the many people constantly trying to undermine access to medical cannabis. Emphasizing that clean medicine sources, free of chemical contamination, are a necessity, he hopes places that care about their patients and product become more available. Lastly, he leaves us with a quote:

“The discovery of the human Endocannabinoid System is the greatest medical breakthrough since germ theory with the potential to save more lives than sterile surgical practice.” ~Dr. David Allen, PhD.