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Our Facility

Located in the heart of downtown Ann Arbor, Om of Medicine is surrounded by establishments for dining, shopping, and entertainment. We aim to provide an artistic, visionary, and inspiring environment. Our staff is well trained, compassionate, and eager to help YOU!


  • We are ADA compliant & located on the ground floor (if you need wheelchair assistance, call us before you arrive and we will meet you at our door with a wheelchair).
  • We offer discounts for medical cannabis patients with disabilities, seniors, and veterans.
  • Complimentary 1-hr Republic Parking validations are provided (please refrain from parking in restricted spots or alleys).
  • Enjoy the option to pre-order online.
  • Sign-up for email or text alerts about our events.
  • Receive invites to FREE monthly comedy shows & support groups, cultivation seminars (with geneticist and cannabis culture guru, DJ Short), participate in volunteer work with Food Gatherers, and become politically active.
  • Participate in an anonymous University of Michigan pain study.
  • Medical patients receive a FREE birthday gift.
  • View or purchase local artwork.

Om to Home (Om2Home) Delivery is available for Medical and Adult-Use guests within a 20-mile radius of downtown Ann Arbor. Available 12pm-6pm, 7-days/week! Place an order today!

Because we understand every person’s needs are different, we offer one-on-one consultations with our staff members at request. Education and comfort are key to finding how cannabis can best meet your needs. We are a resource for cannabis consumers and their families working towards wellness, and finding personalized strategies for cannabis consumption. Our experienced consultants have a deep understanding of cannabis and its applications.

The Om of Medicine was established with the goal of making an immersive experience for all cannabis consumers.

The Om of Medicine was established with the goal of making an immersive experience for all cannabis enthusiasts. We consider our facility to not only be for the provisioning of medical and adult-use cannabis, but to be a mood-enhancement facility.

Om has created an environment you can feel comfortable bringing your grandmother to. In that same environment, you can be inspired to be a kid again. Bridging the gap between young & old, new & experienced, nature & technology… an environment exists which captures the duality of life, in perfect balance.

We seek to leave each guest feeling more joyful than when they first walked in. We achieve this by creating an uplifting and stimulating environment; enhancing the moods of all who enter.

Take advantage of these mood-enhancing features:

  • One of the largest living wall installations in Ann Arbor
  • Color changing cloud lights
  • Local art gallery
  • 4K resolution screen displaying digital art
  • An abundance of smiling faces. 🙂


Om's Interactive Tour

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Where It All Began



When Om of Medicine opened its doors in the summer of 2010, we set out to be the most transparent and compliant facility in the State of Michigan. Within our first sixty days of being open, we invited in the entire Ann Arbor City Council, Mayor, City Attorney, Chief of Police, State Senator, and State Representative into our facility, along with dozens of State Legislators and multiple U.S. Congresspeople. Our goal was to educate our legislators, policy makers, and community members on what we were doing, how we were doing it, and why.

We opened with the intention of creating an atmosphere where humans from the age of 3 to 103 would be comfortable and inspired in a healing environment. We desired to become a headquarters for all things cannabis – from medical research to grow classes, community events, and encouraging advocacy for policy reform. We wanted Om to become a place that would make our movement proud. 

Before we moved to 111 S Main St., we were located directly across the street. Scroll below to view pictures of Om’s first location: