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Community Outreach

Here at the Om of Medicine, we see how the cannabis community is full of compassion and empathy to offer to its surrounding communities. Our patient base beautifully displays that truth each day through participation in our various community outreach initiatives. Since we opened our doors in 2010, we’ve had the goal of integrating and adding positivity to the community around us. We are always looking to increase our support for local initiatives. If you have ideas for organizations we should support or you are looking to volunteer, do not hesitate to let us know! Contact us at for more information. 

Food Gatherers

Since our inception in 2010, we have been proud to support Food Gatherers, the food bank & food rescue program in Washtenaw County. Our base of adult-use and medical guests have helped raise over $80,000 for the local community. We are honored to support such an organization that not only provides food but provides nutritional education & support for community members. We have recently earned our Bread Winner Status, making the Om of Medicine one of the top donors to help fight food insecurity in Washtenaw County.

As of 10/1/20; together we have raised over $11,000 to support Food Gatherers in 2020, almost reaching our $15,000 goal!

Main Street Area Association

We are proud members of the Main Street Area Association in Ann Arbor, MI. We have had the pleasure of supporting downtown Ann Arbor through the association since 2010. MSAA has been warm & welcoming to our organization by embracing our mission and supporting our efforts. Our membership provides us the opportunity to keep Main Street colorful by sponsoring a planter box. Take a stroll down Main Street to find it! We have strong support from our neighbors & we value engagement with the downtown community.

Be sure to visit the plethora of local restaurants, bars, shops; you never know what you’ll find on Main Street!

The Redemption Foundation

The Redemption Foundation’s mission is to help right the wrongs caused from cannabis prohibition by seeking out opportunities to lift up individuals harmed by the war on cannabis.


Om of Medicine is proud to partner with The Redemption Foundation. Additionally our co-founder, Mark Passerini, is the Chairman of the Board.

The Redemption Foundation has joined forces with the Cannabis Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party, Last Prisoner Project  to put together The Michigan Cannabis Prisoner Relief Fund. This fund support our efforts to release Michigan cannabis prisoners as well as support their reentry by providing much needed financial resources for housing, transportation, and other critical needs as they reintegrate into society and work to rebuild their lives.

Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan

The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan is an organization that works tirelessly to serve the people of Michigan who are impacted by Epilepsy. We are thankful to have such a strong collaborative relationship with this organization. They advocate for the needs of patients all over Michigan and prioritize education and research. We are honored that they send patients our way and we do the same for them. This relationship is all about support for our patients. Through this relationship with the Foundation, we are both able to ensure that patients are educated on the newest research and methods to treat Epilepsy. Each year we sponsor and attend their Annual Wellness Conference and have taken part in the Toasting Hope fundraising event.

Equity First Alliance

Om of Medicine is passionate about engaging communities impacted by the War of Drugs and we take social responsibility of our impact in the industry and the importance of creating a more diverse cannabis community. We are constantly seeking out ways to create a more equitable environment focused on empowering communities impacted the hardest by the War on drugs. We are very excited to raise donations that will contribute to Equity First Alliance’s powerful mission.

Equity First Alliance, founded in 1994, was created to harness the political power of cannabis organizers that work at the intersection of the cannabis industry, racial equity, and reparative justice. Through education, mobilization, dialogue, engagement, and collective action, they work to advance equity in the cannabis industry, to repair harms of the War on Drugs, and to seek justice for those who have been most harmed by it.

Open Heart Magic

“Being hospitalized can be frightening for anyone, but especially for a critically ill child. As kids undergo difficult or painful treatments That’s where Open Heart Magic comes in. Our Bedside Magic™ programs bring laughter, hope and strength to sick children – one-to-one – at their hospital bedsides. Our volunteer Hospital Magicians are trained to work with all kids in a hospital – regardless of their medical conditions or physical abilities – so that every child can benefit from this entertaining and empowering therapy.”

Om of Medicine has been supporting Open Heart Magic since 2014 by raising funds for their Annual Benefit. One of our very own, Mark Passerini, is a trained Volunteer Hospital Magician at Motts Children’s Hospital, working to bring magic to kids in need. He recently received an award, which was a bobble-head version of himself, celebrating seeing the most kids out of all the volunteers!

National Cannabis Industry Association

NCIA is the only national trade association advancing the interests of the legitimate and responsible cannabis industry. Our industry supports tens of thousands of jobs, tens of millions in tax revenue, and billions in economic activity in the United States. NCIA is leading the unified and coordinated campaign to ensure this emerging sector is treated fairly under federal law.

The Om of Medicine was one of the first in the mid-west to join the Association. Each year we send representatives down to lobby congress on behalf of the cannabis industry and our patients. We are passionate about bringing the patient perspective to policy makers. In 2017 we hosted their Cannabis Quarterly Caucus at our location in Ann Arbor, MI.

Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP)

Mission: The Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) brings those impacted by the justice system and the University of Michigan community into artistic collaboration for mutual learning and growth.
PCAP is a program at the University of Michigan that brings art workshops to detention facilities all around Michigan. They offer the opportunity for students at the University to receive academic credit with participation in the program. Additionally, any student or community member can volunteer and receive training to facilitate art workshops.
Om of Medicine is eager to partner with the Prison Creative Arts Project (PCAP) as a way to extend compassion to those impacted by the criminal justice system. We believe in supporting the rehabilitation and re-entry of those incarcerated. Using art as a tool to provide opportunity and inspiration, is a mission we fully support. The Drug War has negatively impacted families and communities for decades. As we work to dismantle prohibition through the provisioning of medical cannabis, we are constantly striving for new and unique ways to bring these efforts full circle. By increasing awareness around the negative implications of the War on Drugs and using compassion towards those within the system, we can all work towards restorative justice.

Cancer Support Community

The Om of Medicine is honored to partner with the Cancer Support Community of Ann Arbor by supporting their programing and providing education on medical cannabis. We sponsor their yearly Sprout Love Benefit and presented at their facility on medical cannabis and cancer. We are eager to continue to support their crucial efforts to support those battling cancer.

Ann Arbor Medical Cannabis Guild

A guild formed by the original provisioning centers in Ann Arbor. The owners of the facilities are members of the guild and collaborate on a number of political and regulatory issues. The guild was created out of the idea of collaboration over competition. The Ann Arbor Medical Cannabis Guild, Inc. supports an interpretation of the definition of medical use that includes provisioning centers where patients can get accurate information regarding medical marijuana, including the various strains and methods of taking the medicine and where patients can have a safe, controlled environment for patient-to-patient transfers of medicinal marijuana within the amounts and frequencies specified in the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act. In an effort to protect patient access when it was being threatened, the Guild filed an Amicus Brief to the Michigan Supreme Court to express support for the portion of the MMMA that allows for patient-to-patient transfers/sales of medical marijuana in compliance with the MMMA.

Ann Arbor Wellness Coalition

The Ann Arbor Wellness Coalition is our newest community involvement. The coalition consists of medical professionals and business owners in Ann Arbor that focus on health & well being, representing multiple disciplines. Together they empower individuals and families to achieve optimal health and wellness. They are committed to improving the health of our community through education, outreach, and innovation.

Michigan Cannabis Industry Association

The MICIA is the leading voice for Michigan’s legal cannabis businesses. The MICIA advocated for responsible and successful medical and adult use cannabis industry by promoting sensible laws and regulations and industry best practices among members. They accomplish this by speaking as a unified voice to advocate for MICIA members; bringing business owners together to share industry knowledge and best practices; developing opportunities for collaboration and partnerships; and, delivering exclusive group buying power for members.
The Om of Medicine is a proud founding member of the MICIA and supports building strong relationships with other businesses and advocates in Michigan. Additionally, our co-founder Mark Passerini is the Vice-Chairman of the Board!