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Allen R. – September 2018

Allen began using cannabis in  August of 2016. He had been prescribed the pharmaceutical drug Flexeril for his muscle spasms. This medication was not helping to treat his health condition, and was causing serious damage to his liver. He began smoking flower to help his condition.
“It is easier to dose…because the effect is immediate. It stops my muscle spasms, [decreases] much of the pain, and allows me to sleep.”
Cannabis allows Allen to deal with his pain and, therefore, have “more of a life”.  “I feel a lot better on cannabis than I did on Gabapentin and Flexeril. I also feel better knowing cannabis is not killing my kidneys and liver.” 
He feels good about purchasing his medicine from places like Om of Medicine because the products are safe and have been tested. “Nature has a way that big pharma just cannot reproduce!”