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Cheryl C.

Although Cheryl has only been using cannabis for 3 years, she has received major health benefits from the plant. She began using edibles in 2015 with the intent to stop taking opioids. In “2010, I was 55 [years old]. A big dump truck hit me and tore up my back and neck. I was put on Oxytocin and took it for years until I noticed that I was taking it because I wanted to.” When she consulted her doctor about her opioid use, he recommended she use a Fentanyl patch. “I left his office. I kicked the Oxytocin, and decided to use edible cannabis. I have been using it ever since.”

During this same time, Cheryl was seeing an endocrinologist because she had 5 nodules on her Thyroid. “My doctor was going to remove the largest one. I went in for an ultrasound and [my doctor] slid back and asked me what I had been doing. I told her I had been taking medical cannabis.” Cheryl thought her doctor was surprised because of her weight loss, but instead, her doctor exclaimed that the nodule she was going to remove was half it’s original size and the other 4 were completely gone! 

Today, Cheryl is pain free, prides herself in being the oldest CrossFit person at her gym at the age of 63, and has lost seventy-five pounds. “[Having access to medical cannabis] is crucial for myself, especially knowing it is tested and [having proper understanding of] dosing.”