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2016 Michigan Chronic Pain Study

In collaboration with the University of Michigan, we published our first IRB-approved study in the Journal of Pain.

Medical Cannabis Use Is Associated With Decreased Opiate Medication Use in a Retrospective Cross-Sectional Survey of Patients With Chronic Pain (2016)

We conducted a survey of 244 medical cannabis patients in Michigan with chronic pain for 3 months. Our goal was to collect data to examine if  using medical cannabis for chronic pain affected one’s opioid consumption as well. We saw testimonial evidence of this everyday in our consultation rooms.

Three Major Conclusions: 
  1. Cannabis use was associated with 64% lower opioid use in patients with chronic pain.
  2. Cannabis use was associated with 45% better quality of life in patients with chronic pain.
  3. Cannabis use was associated with fewer medication side effects and medications used.
Impact Since Published:  

After publication in 2016, our study has been cited in several important reports including

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