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Alexa grew up in Belleville, Michigan and traveled throughout the states before coming to Ann Arbor. She loves the positive energy and progressiveness that Ann Arbor allows. Some of her favorite activities include going on hikes, finding new places, reading and making new friends. Alexa will be attending school to become a nurse in the labor and delivery unit. Her passion is to help people of all backgrounds. Her love and appreciation for cannabis started when she saw the positive affects it had on a close family member. After becoming an Omie, she has found that helping people find the right medicine for their ailments brings her joy, and seeing what plant medicine can do has changed her life completely. Other than being an Omie, Alexa is also a waitress at a local restaurant in Ann Arbor, it’s close by so she encourages you to say hello if you notice her! PS ask her about David Bowie.

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