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Hello, my name is Kyle Tanner. I grew up in rural Michigan surrounded by bean fields, connected by dirt roads. I knew, even when I was young, that I destined to move away from my rural upbringing. I was sick on and off during most of my youth, which led me to believe that there was something wrong with me, along with very little growth, compared to my peers. At the age of 16, I was finally diagnosed with what was responsible for my compromised immune system and lack of growth, Fanconi Anemia. Fanconi Anemia, a rare genetic disorder, would come to attach itself to my identity and lead me to strive to live a more purposeful life.

After High school, I jumped around colleges and finally landed at Central Michigan university to pursue my passion in Meteorology. I quickly learned that math was not my strong suit and switched my major to Broadcasting and Cinematic arts, my second-choice for a major, but a field that allowed me to express myself creatively. I continued to live the life of an average college student, until my senior year, when the need for a bone marrow transplant became evident. I underwent the procedure and long-road to recovery on February 7th, 2017, the day of my transplant. Unfortunately, the first transplant was not enough, and I needed a 2nd transplant of February 17th, 2017. The road to recovery was not easy, and due to my compromised immune system I was and still to this day, have to take many prescription drugs to compensate for this.

Cannabis has been a part of my life since I was 18 years old and my relationship with the plant has evolved over time. Originally, I used cannabis to cope with the stress of just purely existing; After my bone marrow transplant, my relationship with the plant would expand and its use for chronic pain, due to avascular necrosis and neuropathy in my hands and feet would be forged as an alternative treatment option as opposed to opioids. Cannabis, on top of helping to control my pain, has also served as a great teacher in my life, allowing me to view my life from an alternative angle.

Aside from engaging in discussion about cannabis; I enjoy taking photos, listening to music, mountain biking and observing the weather.