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Benefit: Inhalation is the fastest acting method of administration. A patient can get an effect within seconds or minutes and have the maximum effect set in after approximately 30 minutes. Inhalation is highly titratable as a administration method, so a patient can administer as much or as little as they want, giving the patient more control over the effects.

Downside: It is difficult for a patient to know the exact dose they are putting in their body with inhalation. From the potency of the inhaled material, to the length and force of inhalation, it is very difficult to predict how many milligrams of cannabinoids enter their bloodstream. One would need to take blood samples and extrapolate the dose. In addition, Smoking any plant material can cause Bronchial irritation. We recommend vaporizing flowers or oils to maximize the medical value & to reduce irritation.

Overall, Inhalation is a fantastic tool in the tool box for patients to utilize, only if they deem necessary.


Om of Medicine Methods of Administration Table for Cannabis

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