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by Lisa ConineOctober 1, 2018

Frequently Asked Question: “How will legalization impact the medical cannabis program?”

We get this question A LOT & it is a great question!

Here are the top 6 things to know about adult-use legalization in Michigan:

  1. Legalization does not change the Medical Marihuana Program in Michigan. The program will remain in place. Patients still have the right to receive a recommendation from a doctor for medical cannabis and are able to obtain it from licensed medical provisioning center. Additionally, the tax percentage is only 9% with the medical program. The adult-use initiative would add on a 10% excise tax in addition to a 6% sales tax. That sounds like a large number but Michigan would have one of the lowest tax structures for legalization in the country. 
  2. Common misconception: Unfortunately, once legalization passes, that does not mean that anyone over the age of 21 is able to immediately purchase cannabis from medical facilities. A separate program for licensing adult-use sales will need to be established and rules will be defined before any licenses are given out. While legalization will immediately end the criminal penalty, we will have to wait a bit until the new program for adult-use sales is implemented. 
  3. Om of Medicine firmly believes in ending the arrests and convictions over the cannabis plant. We believe the War on Drugs is a failed policy that has been destroying communities for decades. With the passage of adult-use legalization in Michigan, the first state to do so in the Midwest, we are adding another nail in the coffin to prohibition. This would increase pressure on the Federal government to de-schedule cannabis which would open up opportunities for further research, banking opportunities for the industry, and end the arrests nationwide.
  4. PROP 1 would legalize the commercial production of Hemp in the State of Michigan. Hemp has been wrongly demonized along with cannabis and we are ready to see the production of hemp increase. This would allow Michigan farmers the opportunity to cultivate this uniquely sustainable crop which cleans the air and soil and can be made into a number of sustainable items like clothing & building materials. The legalization of industrial hemp would be a big win for our farmers and our environment.
  5. The language of the PROP 1 allows for home cultivation. We believe in the rights of people to cultivate this plant legally on their own property. Adults 21 years or older are allowed to grow up to 12 plants in a single residence. In addition, the language sets up the opportunity to obtain a license for a micro businesses – similar to a microbrewery and microdistillery–  to help ensure the future of small businesses in the cannabis space in Michigan. Micro businesses would be able to cultivate, process, and retail up to 150 plants directly to consumers – in house.
  6. As stated above, the program would set up a 10% excise tax at the retail level, in addition to Michigan’s standard 6% sales tax. The estimated $200 Million in new annual tax revenue will go towards improving our schools, roads, and local governments.


The most important piece of PROP 1 is ending the unjust 20,000 arrests a year for nonviolent marijuana possession. It is time we use our resources in Michigan for more productive goals. Help us create this positive change for Michigan by voting YES on November 6th.

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