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Consultative Approach

by Lisa ConineOctober 19, 2018

We often hear from patients that we are truly unique and “one of the best in the country”. It is high praise that we are always honored to receive. But what makes this so? We do our best to make it look effortless, but in fact, a lot of strategic thought goes behind providing the best experience possible for our patients. While there are many ways we work tirelessly to provide a unique experience, I will just be outlining one, and arguably the most important, for this post.

One of the greatest features Om of Medicine is proud to offer is our focus on a Consultative Approach for the provisioning of medical cannabis.

In early 2010, Mark and Keith set out to see how dispensaries across the country set up their facilities. They were surprised to find that almost all were set up with one general counter for purchasing medication. Patients were expected to talk about their ailments shoulder to shoulder with other patients, often times with patients waiting in line behind them. Quickly they realized they wanted to create something different. Thus, the consultative approach was born.

Starting off with two private consultation rooms and now three at our new space, our facility is designed to bring patients into a private room where they can discuss options in a one-on-one setting with a trained consultant.

A feature like this allows patients to take all the time they need to digest (not literally) all of the possible medical applications of cannabis that are available to them. We have seen time and time again just how important this is.

For example: when someone is brand new to cannabis and full of questions, or when they are dealing with a life-threatening diagnosis like cancer, privacy is tremendously important.

Patients are able to learn about cannabis, the methods of administration, and the specific products we carry with the guidance of an Om consultant. This feature is FREE of charge. No appointment needed.

One of the biggest offerings we have for our patients is our full-time Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Evan Litinas and is available to assist patients in their cannabis journey. While he does not fill out certification forms, his role is to provide the next level of patient care and to facilitate research with the University of Michigan.

We follow a standardized approach to dosing for new patients and are engaging actively in research with the University of Michigan to test that standardized approach.

We track each patient’s journey and offer follow-ups with phone calls and emails, free of charge.

A consultative approach not only allows for personalized guidance but also allows for unique relationships to form. You can visibly see a patient’s demeanor change when you take them into a private room where they are able to sit down, take a breath, and think about their options. We have the privilege of getting to know our patients, learning about their lives and sharing in their journey. Not only are we able to take part in their healing but we get to hear about their promotions, their new house, a new baby in the family, an exciting vacation, etc. We are also able to offer a listening ear for their struggles at work, frustrations with the medical system, and sometimes, even a death in the family. Holding space for all of life’s experiences gives a rich fullness to the work we do every day.

If you have had a positive experience with Om, jump on over to our testimonial page and share your story! Share it with friends and family. Share it with your circles. Talk about it and do it often. Sharing our stories with cannabis is one of the most effective tools we have for dismantling prohibition.

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