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November 2018

Gail S.
Gail S. 580 387 omie

Gail started using medical cannabis in 2014, following a diagnosis of idiopathic neuropathy. At that same time, she changed her diet, began to lower gluten followed by eliminating dairy, red meat, and sugar. “My husband and I are now moving towards a plant-based diet. This diet, in combination with cannabis and its anti-inflammatory properties have greatly improved my health.” She enjoys vaping flower, tinctures, oils, and eating healthy edibles, commenting on how they are lacking on the cannabis market.

“As stated above, cannabis and diet changes have both contributed to my increase in health. I’ve lost weight and have maintained a healthy weight; I no longer have headaches, or “brain-fog”. My joint pain in my elbows, wrists, and fingers is gone, and my neuropathy pain is almost entirely gone as well.” Gail also gave up alcohol, and claims she is much healthier because of it.

She has experienced amazing benefits from using cannabis. “I sleep much better; therefore, I function much better. I’m less anxious throughout the day, and less tired at night. My stress level is now manageable – I’m much nicer.”

“I feel 100% confident that I will receive strong advice, and quality products, when I come to Om. The environment is absolutely beautiful, as well as welcoming. the staff is professional. The whole experience better legitimzed this industry.”

Gail has now introduced her mother (94 years old) and mother-in-law (84) to medical cannabis, specifically CBD, to increase their health. She also has become the caretaker for a close friends of hers, who is treating the side of effects of traditional cancer treatments with cannabis. “It makes me feel really good to be able to guide my friend to make educated choices in products to alleviate her nausea and increase her energy.“

Zahra Abbas
Zahra Abbas 622 695 omie

“I started using cannabis around 4 years ago to get control of my seizures,” Zahra begins, “But cannabis did a lot more than that. It made me seizure free and able to get off all my meds.” She began taking capsules of cannabis oil because it’s easier to remember to when medicate and the dosage is consistent. Cannabis impacted her health in many ways. Her seizures being controlled improved her overall health because she was able to manage her epilepsy, which therefore, allowed her to manage her depression and anxiety.

“Being able to control my seizures, depression, and anxiety has allowed me to manage other things in my life.” Zahra was able to go back to school and finally learn how to drive. She will be starting a job and doing many other things that she once had to rely on others to help her do.

“Places like Om provide a comfortable and safe feeling environment for cannabis access.” She continues to explain how having places like Om gives people (especially those who are new to cannabis, or patients who are getting it for their children) a place where they can feel comfortable getting a medicine that will “provide relief for them”.

“I was very skeptical of cannabis. Even when I first started it I refused to believe that it had done anything. I chose to believe it was a new medicine that I had recently started.” After being seizure free for 3 months, Zahra took a trip on an airplane without it. “I started having seizures the next day and during one of them, I broke my hand pretty badly after falling off the bed.” The days she came back from her trip, she began taking cannabis again and was seizure free beginning that same day. “I was able to get through the healing of my broken hand with no pain meds at all; and, the following year, I was able to recover from my surgery without pain meds. Just cannabis. I also love the friends I have made, and the opportunities I have been given, through this journey.”