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Begins August 15th!

U of M PharmSci 420: The Science and Facts of Cannabis
U of M PharmSci 420: The Science and Facts of Cannabis 960 640 omie
Professor Gus Rosania speaking during the class

PharmSci 420 made it’s debut this semester at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The course covers all aspects related to the medicinal use of Cannabis, focusing on different perspectives offered by lecturers with highly relevant, related expertise.Lecturers will include local scientists and physicians, Medical Cannabis doctors, dispensary owners, Cannabis lawyers, politicians, and students who are pursuing Cannabis-related careers. Of these, are Mark Passerini and Dr. Evan Litinas of Om of Medicine.

Professor Gus Rosania “has long been an advocate for ‘building science around marijuana,’ and believes the course, offered for the first time at UM this semester, has the potential to help people better understand cannabis and how it can be used as medicine,” according to MLive’s article on the class.

The multi-faceted cannabis course at Michigan isn’t the first of its kind, following the lead of Northern Michigan University, Stockton University in New Jersey, University of California-Davis, and some public colleges. It is a step forward though, for the university known for its sophisticated medical program. There are many pharmaceutical and business students in the class, but there is a noticeable absence of medical students. This is attributed to the fact that cannabis hasn’t become a standardized medicine yet; but with more classes like these available in higher education, research and knowledge of medical cannabis will make its way into modern medicine!

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