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Methods of Administration

These are for individual methods off the methods of administration page.

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A suppository is an incredibly effective way to introduce cannabis in a patient’s body. Suppositories are effective for two reasons: The first is that there is a high absorption rate in the lower colon which allows for higher bioavailability of cannabinoids. Secondly, most of the absorbed medication, avoids the first liver pass. This process can allow a sick patient to handle a larger dose of cannabinoids in comparison to ingestion and their body can absorb the medication more effectively. Suppositories can be used rectally or vaginally. It is important to only use coconut oil and the Full Extract Cannabis Oil. Do not to include any other ingredients that may irritate the bodily tissue. Click here to read our instructions & recipe to make your own suppositories. Suppository molds are available at our facility or can be ordered online. 

Instructions for making your own suppositories


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Transdermal administration, either by creams or bath bombs, can be an effective way of using cannabis. Creams are great for localized pain control, like pain in joints. Due to the volume of medication administered, the patient will not get psycho-activity. There is enough medication to penetrate and act locally, but not enough to be absorbed into the bloodstream in high enough levels that will be active in the brain tissue. 

Bath bombs are great for patients with foot neuropathy or foot issues (soak feet in a bucket with warm water, bath bomb, & epsom salt). They are also beneficial to patients with generalized pain disorders like fibromyalgia, where they can soak their entire body and find relief.


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Sublingual or oral mucosal administration is an excellent way for a patient to introduce cannabis in their body for fast acting relief. The patient will place the desired amount in the mouth, under the tongue, and does not swallow for up to 2 to 3 minutes. They would start feeling the effects within 10-15 minutes. Tinctures are a great alternative to inhalation for fast acting medication. Not only can a patient give themselves a dose that is fast acting, but they can be very precise with the milligrams during dosing. This method is also inconspicuous (no smell or smoke).  The one issue with sublingual administration is bioavailability, which is the lowest in comparison to all other methods.


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Ingestion is an important method of administration. Anytime a patient swallows their cannabis, places it in their stomach, it is ingestion. It is metabolized differently in comparison to other methods, as it is subject to first pass liver metabolism. This means that the cannabinoids go from the gut into the liver first and then in the bloodstream. This process takes longer for the patient to get the effect, but it also stays longer in the body. Furthermore, the liver changes the chemical compounds during digestion into a smaller size of the active cannabinoid metabolites. This allows the cannabinoids to penetrate the blood-brain barrier easier which saturates the receptors located in the brain. This process can produce a more potent effect in comparison to inhalation, for example. This may explain the more intense experience patients report with ingestible forms or “edibles”.


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Benefit: Inhalation is the fastest acting method of administration. A patient can get an effect within seconds or minutes and have the maximum effect set in after approximately 30 minutes. Inhalation is highly titratable as a administration method, so a patient can administer as much or as little as they want, giving the patient more control over the effects.

Downside: It is difficult for a patient to know the exact dose they are putting in their body with inhalation. From the potency of the inhaled material, to the length and force of inhalation, it is very difficult to predict how many milligrams of cannabinoids enter their bloodstream. One would need to take blood samples and extrapolate the dose. In addition, Smoking any plant material can cause Bronchial irritation. We recommend vaporizing flowers or oils to maximize the medical value & to reduce irritation.

Overall, Inhalation is a fantastic tool in the tool box for patients to utilize, only if they deem necessary.