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December 2018

Test 5.02 Post
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this is a test post. checking it out.

Stacy R.
Stacy R. 454 561 omie

“I began [using] cannabis 2 years ago. My doctor recommended it for chronic pain. I had been on narcotics and opioids since 1995, after being run over by a 2 ton fork lift. [Because I was] on the pharmaceuticals for so long, my kidneys failed. Putting me into stage 5 kidney failure.

I tried smoking canabis, but, I don’t like to feel high and it burned my throat. I make my own edibles and usually take it at night so I can sleep. I love it. It works great to get rid of my pain and swelling and I sleep all night now. On the meds, I was lucky if I slept 2 hours a night.

My nephrologist (kidney doctor) says I am healthier now than I have been in years. I sleep better and eat better. I have less food aversions.

My chronic pain is much better controlled and I get sleep. I have much more energy during the day.

[I have been introduced] to the various types of cannabis and the different ways to use it.

Had medical marijuana been legal years ago, My kidneys wouldn’t have failed due to narcotics and opioids.”