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May 2020

Robert 1024 1024 omie

Robert is a native of Dearborn Heights, now living in South Lyon. He spent 4 years in the U.S. Navy, and obtained his Masters Degree in Public Policy and Administration from CSULB. He lived in Southern California for
nearly 30 years and has a beautiful daughter, son-in-law, and 2 grandsons. He married his wife, Lee Ann in 2018. They first met when they were in 8th grade. Robert is looking at the Cannabis Industry as a much welcomed second career path, and is eager to contribute more to that end. Being outdoors (both work
and play), enjoying family and friends, traveling and playing golf keep him active year round.

Ann Arbor area comedy show, concert to raise money for Food Gatherers
Ann Arbor area comedy show, concert to raise money for Food Gatherers 1024 683 omie
Duane 1024 1024 omie

Duane is from the Ann Arbor area and graduated from Pioneer High School class of 2013. He grew up playing basketball, dancing, and writing poetry. He really found the value of cannabis when he was a senior in high school as he was in season, doing theatre, and performing with his dance group on the weekends. After multiple knee dislocations, a partial MCL tear, three concussions, and a history of migraine and sleep problems, THC and CBD were really the only things that kept him together emotionally and spiritually during that time. The combination gave him great pain relief, a calm and focused mental state, and allowed him to embrace his creative side more when he couldn’t be as physically active as he wanted to be.

Now, cannabis is something his family and friends actively use for a number of different reasons, but the root of it all is having a better quality of life and bringing people together around something truly beneficial.

Duane is currently making strides as a high school basketball coach and trainer, looking to infuse the healing powers of THC/CBD, and all its variants, into the everyday recovery and life of an athlete