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Karen S.
Karen S. 919 919 omie

Karen began using cannabis about 7 years ago. She prefers using edibles because they are softer on her system, and she also uses transdermal cannabis products for other benefits. “Cannabis has given me amazing results and a better quality of life,” she says, “The wonderful benefits offer me an overall sense of peace and wellbeing.”

Karen reached out to share her special story about how THC transdermal salve helped her health! “I used the the THC salve on a mole that was going to be surgically removed. After using it for only one week, the mole dried up and fell off! Additionally, a flesh-colored mole appeared on my forehead, and I thought it would need to be removed. I used the salve and it disappeared and has not returned yet!”

“This is the tip of the iceberg of what cannabis can teach us! Thank you Om for having a knowledgeable staff, great customer service, and a welcoming atmosphere!”

Faron F. – May 2019
Faron F. – May 2019 1024 768 omie

“I first tried cannabis when I was 20 years old primarily to help me sleep, as well as focus. Now, I use it for numerous things that no other medicine has been able to help me with. I don’t use dabs or concentrates, but I do use edibles, flower, and balms/lotions. I do therapy for people whom I’ve used balm and lotions on, and I can attest to the level of which this medicine works. I have been using CBD to treat my son and husband for issues, which has saved them. And THC has saved me. My family is in a much better place because I have a medical card, guaranteeing me safe access to quality meds. My quality of life was crap before using cannabis. I was in bed 80% of the time. Now I’m able to function during menstruation, I can eat, sleep, and draw a thought. Because of its natural medicinal properties, I know there are no fillers that could harm me and I have gained a lot of valuable information to share with others after four years of regular cannabis use.”

Jayne J. – May 2019
Jayne J. – May 2019 276 183 omie

“I started using cannabis about a year ago to treat my chronic pain, anxiety, and PTSD. I prefer ingesting cannabis because it lasts longer and doesn’t flare up my asthma, like inhalation. I have had significant relief from my health issues and have notice my sleep has improved, and my anxiety and pain have decreased. Cannabis also helps tremendously with my PTSD.
I never use at or before work, but it’s given me my life back and helps me access my feelings in a productive way without being overwhelmed by them. Places like Om of Medicine give me access to the meds I need, since I don’t have the option to grow at home.”

Cindy K. – April 2019
Cindy K. – April 2019 360 240 omie

“I started using cannabis medically 3 years ago because I have fibromyalgia. My caregiver has tried providing me with a few different strains, but so far nothing has helped in a drastic way, not even pharmaceutical medicine. So far, the best way for me to medicate is to smoke flower when I’m at home to try and get as much relaxation as I can.”
When Cindy was in Las Vegas in 2018, she bought some 1000mg THC tincture to try. “I took it as directed on the bottle, but noticed no changes in my condition.” Soon after trying the tincture, she learned that a family friend was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and it ended up spreading to his bones. “I gave the tincture to him to try and it was the best thing in the world! It helped him receive relief from the pain he was in everyday, and also helped him make it through the chemotherapy treatment. I told him about CBD oil and he began taking that as well. It didn’t help with his pain management like using THC did, but it helped him be more relaxed. Soon after, he had a PET scan and a CT scan and his cancer was gone! Although cannabis didn’t help me to the same degree, my knowledge of cannabis worked miracles for someone with a more life-threatening disease!”
Using cannabis has helped Cindy in other ways, especially with reducing the stress and anxiety in her life. “If you know anything about fibromyalgia, the main cause of flare-ups is stress. So using cannabis has helped me in so many other ways to make my quality of life a lot easier.”
“I want to know that the medicine I am getting is safe to use and that it’s from a reputable place. I value being able to consult with a physician who knows how to treat specific conditions with cannabis.”

Carol U. – April 2019
Carol U. – April 2019 780 520 omie

“I lived for years with chronic pain on opiates. In March of 2018, I decided to get my medical card after having neck surgery in 2017. I was suffering from chronic pain and was no longer able to get opioid medication from doctors, so I needed to find a new way to manage pain. Was frustrated with over-the-counter medications not working, so I talked to my doctors about medical cannabis and they encouraged me to go for it. They were very supportive in my journey to get off of opioids.
I prefer medicating with edibles and vaping. I like CBD for daytime use and use a mix of CBD/THC in the evening.”
Carol says cannabis has definitely changed her condition for the better. “I no longer use any prescription medications and feel so much better. I have less anxiety and sleep much better,” emphasizing her better outlook on life, especially because she is able to work every day with less pain and anxiety, and a better attitude in general.
“If not for centers like Om, I’d feel hopeless. If you want to kick the opiate habit, try cannabis! It works and you will feel so much better.”

Tiffany B. – April 2019
Tiffany B. – April 2019 750 498 omie

Tiffany began using cannabis in December of 2016 to treat her chronic pain from neuropathy and fibromyalgia.
“I prefer vaporizing to treat my fibromyalgia and my neuropathy because I can vape at specific temperatures so I have better control over the release of terpenes and cannabinoids that helps reduce the pain from my conditions.
I can now sleep and function better, which leads me to a better quality of life. Cannabis has saved me from pain!”
“Knowing I’m getting lab tested cannabis from a knowledgeable staff is so important to me. I love being able to meet with consultants that are there to help with any questions that I may have.”

Evan T. – March 2019
Evan T. – March 2019 1024 768 omie

I started using cannabis medicinally in March of 2018 because I suffered from widespread fibromyalgia, ptsd, and gastroparesis.
        I prefer vaporizing and combusting dried herb, and also use CBD tinctures and cartridges. I’ve tried other methods of administration, but none of them have helped me manage my nausea and chronic pain like flower has.
        When I’m nauseous and can’t eat, I take a couple of hits and 5 minutes later I begin feeling hunger cues, and my nausea goes away. With the use of cannabis and knowledge of its medical benefits, I’ve gained 35 pounds of the 50 pounds I lost over the previous year due to cyclical vomiting. I’ve been able to get enough sleep to actually feel refreshed, and have also been able to maintain pain relief from my cannabis products. Overall, I’m much more optimistic on my view of my conditions since treating myself with cannabis.
        I feel good knowing I have access to quality medicine that remedies the symptoms of my conditions. I like staff who care about their patients and provide good hospitality. Trust is something highly abundant at Om.
        My first time I visited Om went better than expected. I pictured dispensaries to be shady gray market shops. I was having terrible anxiety on the way there, and almost puked walking up the stairs of their old building. I was invited into a relaxing room with a very patient staff member, and suddenly, my anxiety ceased;  relaxing my stomach. After 20 minutes or so, I was out the door and on my way home with different products to try out. After a week, I was vomiting much less and eating much more.

Ashley N.
Ashley N. 960 500 omie

“I was 16 when I got in a really bad snowboarding accident. I tore my AC in my shoulder, dislocated it, and damaged my rotator cuff. I did not immediately go to the doctor, but when I did, they told me I would need physical therapy and possibly surgery. I was prescribed Vicodin for the pain, and after my physical therapy ended, [I was] told I would live with chronic pain for the rest of my life. When I was 19, a friend suggested I smoke with him at night to relieve some of my insomnia and sleep better. The difference was night and day.”

For a while, Ashley preferred smoking at night for sleep, and occasionally during the day to relieve any intense pain. Now, she prefers vaporizing CBD in her vape pen during the daytime and smoking flower at home before bed.

“Overall, my health is so much better than it was when I was in high school. The biggest factor in my health is depression. I usually spend a lot of time at home, in pain and in bed. [Medical cannabis] gives me accessibility to restful sleep, reduced pain, and a happier outlook on my life.”

“When you are constantly in pain, your defenses are always up to avert whatever pain could come your way. When I’m in pain I have no appetite, I’m irritable and irritated by really small things, and I believe that makes me scared of people too, because I don’t want to be hurt. Cannabis truly helps me [reconnect with] life and gives me the ability to live, and also the power to take back my life.”

“People everywhere should have the ability to access safe medicine. I believe it is our right to have transparency and compassion regarding our health and care. Dispensaries like Om and others provide [these things], which is very different [compared to] other pharmacies and health centers I’ve been to. It’s great to be asked what I’m actually feeling and what I’m looking for, and be prescribed flower and edibles that actually help, and to be treated like more than a customer, but a person and a patient.”

Luis R. – January 2019
Luis R. – January 2019 564 564 omie
Luis began using medical cannabis shortly after he was discharged from the service for a martial arts injury to ease the pain and his arthritis. Shortly after, he began using cannabis to help with PTSD. “[I prefer using] flower for moderate pain and concentrates for chronic pain and insomnia. My chronic pain is now manageable and [my] PTSD, anxiety, and depression are almost non-existent. I have also weaned off of alcohol,” which Luis said was negatively affecting his condition. “With cannabis, I can enjoy my life without any negative side effects, and move forward positively, mentally, spiritually, and physically”.
“Cannabis has saved my life and spared my family in a time when PTSD, anxiety, and and depression were crushing me and everything I loved, and alcohol only exacerbated things. Because alcohol is legal and an acceptable part of the Marine culture, many tend to medicate with that. Coupled with PTSD and mental illness, [irresponsible alcohol use] can cause a multitude of issues from mass shootings to domestic violence.” Luis thanks medical cannabis for helping him wean off of his alcohol dependency and reclaim his “mind and soul”. “I stand by this flower as a symbol of peace, and peace is the ultimate goal of the warrior. Semper Fidelis.”

Cheryl C.
Cheryl C. 400 200 omie

Although Cheryl has only been using cannabis for 3 years, she has received major health benefits from the plant. She began using edibles in 2015 with the intent to stop taking opioids. In “2010, I was 55 [years old]. A big dump truck hit me and tore up my back and neck. I was put on Oxytocin and took it for years until I noticed that I was taking it because I wanted to.” When she consulted her doctor about her opioid use, he recommended she use a Fentanyl patch. “I left his office. I kicked the Oxytocin, and decided to use edible cannabis. I have been using it ever since.”

During this same time, Cheryl was seeing an endocrinologist because she had 5 nodules on her Thyroid. “My doctor was going to remove the largest one. I went in for an ultrasound and [my doctor] slid back and asked me what I had been doing. I told her I had been taking medical cannabis.” Cheryl thought her doctor was surprised because of her weight loss, but instead, her doctor exclaimed that the nodule she was going to remove was half it’s original size and the other 4 were completely gone! 

Today, Cheryl is pain free, prides herself in being the oldest CrossFit person at her gym at the age of 63, and has lost seventy-five pounds. “[Having access to medical cannabis] is crucial for myself, especially knowing it is tested and [having proper understanding of] dosing.”

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