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Adult-Use Sales Begin!

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As one of the very first dispensaries in the city and state, we are thrilled to be bringing this next phase of cannabis access to our community. Access that will be centered around education and advocacy in this new and fast-paced market. We have a number of free community events we are offering in the new year and extend the invitation to our wider community.
In attendance for the ribbon cutting and first purchases, we will have State Representative Yousef Rahbi, Robin Schneider, Executive Director for the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association, Sandra Andrade, Executive Director for the Main Street Area Association here in Ann Arbor, and long-time cannabis activist Chuck Ream.
With almost 5,000 dispensaries in the country, Om of Medicine is the only to partner with a major University and have data published in the Journal of Pain highlighting the powerful effects of cannabis as an alternative to opiates. We are proud to have such a strong relationship with the University of Michigan to continue data collection on the use of cannabis.
We look forward to continuing our collaborations with local non-profits like Food Gatherers, the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan, and the Prison Creative Arts Project. With an increase in guests at our facility, we are eager to see support and awareness grow for these causes.
Even with adding adult-use sales to our facility, we will still have our Chief Medical Officer on staff and our private consultation rooms for our medical patients. We will always keep a strong focus on the medical applications of cannabis and how that knowledge is relevant to all consumers. With this next step, we are thrilled to be bringing cannabis, fully, to Main Street Ann Arbor, after years of progressive action from this community. We are excited to offer a streamlined process for Adult-use sales. Since the beginning, we have invested in creating a large and comfortable facility for our guests, which means we will not have people waiting out in the cold as they have had to experience the last few weeks!