Bob Fredericks a man that has been described as “A man who gets up at 10 am and is not afraid to put on a chicken suit, in order to get some laughs.” He has also been known to wear a flaming PBR hat just for the experience.

It has been said that his comedy can be self deprecating yet, endearing. Through non sequitur, strange observations, and stories Bob shares laughs with his audience. He hosts a regular show in Kalamazoo Michigan and travels the country bringing laughter to his crowds.

Bob has worked with many great comedians including Doug Stanhope, Tom Green, Shane Mauss, Shane Torres, Sean Patton, Bobby Kelly, Paulie Shore, Chris Kattan, Nick Thune, and Stewart Huff.
One of Bobs favorite performances was at the Electric Forrest: Great American Talent Show. He has also participated at Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids over the last 5 years. He looks forward to bringing his comedy to you.