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National Expungement Week

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In 2020, National Expungement Week is providing year-round services and adapting to the need for health safety. They work to provide resources that will empower communities to adapt, sustain, survive and create in pursuit of equity.

N.E.W is powered by people of color, supported in full solidarity by Cage-Free Repair and brought to the community through a dedicated group of grassroots community organizers/advocates.

N.E.W efforts build up to a week of awareness/action with coordinated relief clinics, discussions and healing sessions aiming to provide access to relief, equity and opportunity in communities historically and presently affected by the War on Drugs.

Join us for Livestream Panel Discussion on Friday, September 25th from 7-8pm EST featuring Michigan State Senator Jeff Irwin (@sen_jeff_irwin), Denavvia Mojet (activist and founder of @blackandbrowncannabis), Jess Jackson (activist and founder of @copperhousedet and, and Teesha Montague (Operations Manager of Huron View Dispensary in Ann Arbor @a2huronview).

Although cannabis is legal in many states including Michigan, the U.S. spends an estimated $47 billion dollars on the drug war each year, and in 2018 alone there were over 660,000 marijuana related arrests (Drug Policy Alliance). This year, to help raise awareness about cannabis and social justice in Michigan, we are holding space for a virtual discussion centered around Record Expungement in Michigan, the Clean Slate Bills Package, the current Michigan Regulatory Agency Social Equity Program, Social Responsibility for Cannabis Businesses, and the Justice in Policing Act related to Cannabis Prohibition and Arrests.

We will be streaming live to Om’s Facebook and YouTube and will be answering comments during the stream.

Please donate to National Expungement Week! If you donate during the livestream or over the weekend (9/25-9/27) get 10% off your order at Om. Visit to donate today.