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Duane 1024 1024 omie

Duane is from the Ann Arbor area and graduated from Pioneer High School class of 2013. He grew up playing basketball, dancing, and writing poetry. He really found the value of cannabis when he was a senior in high school as he was in season, doing theatre, and performing with his dance group on the weekends. After multiple knee dislocations, a partial MCL tear, three concussions, and a history of migraine and sleep problems, THC and CBD were really the only things that kept him together emotionally and spiritually during that time. The combination gave him great pain relief, a calm and focused mental state, and allowed him to embrace his creative side more when he couldn’t be as physically active as he wanted to be.

Now, cannabis is something his family and friends actively use for a number of different reasons, but the root of it all is having a better quality of life and bringing people together around something truly beneficial.

Duane is currently making strides as a high school basketball coach and trainer, looking to infuse the healing powers of THC/CBD, and all its variants, into the everyday recovery and life of an athlete

‘Om to Home’: Ann Arbor retailer launches cannabis delivery service
‘Om to Home’: Ann Arbor retailer launches cannabis delivery service 852 567 omie
Ebony 1024 1024 omie

Ebony is a student studying Nutrition and Food Science, her dream is to study more about how healthy food and cannabis can improve the lives of others. In her free time, Ebony loves to enjoy yoga classes, going to Deaf Night Out around Michigan and during the summers works with the farming initiatives around Detroit. Om is definitely where the heart is for Ebony and she can’t wait to become more involved in the cannabis community.

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Anton is an actor from Detroit, MI. After graduating from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in Liverpool, England, he returned to Detroit and since then acquired network television, feature and indie film credits. Anton is a strong advocate for cannabis and is happy to be a part of the Om Family. Anton is also an event curator and is currently in development of arts/community projects based around cannabis.

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James Klotz attended the University of Michigan in the late ’90’s.  He was immediately impressed with the forward thinking and open-minded atmosphere of Ann Arbor.   However, it was when he began work with Walgreens as a summer job, that he discovered his true passion. Helping people feel better.  Professionally speaking, customers have always been the main focus for James, getting to know what they need, when they need it, and how to overcome any barriers to achieving that.  Personally speaking, he has seen the benefits that Cannabis has to his other passion; his family and friends. It was natural, that after 21 years in the Retail Pharmacy industry, he turned his focus to somewhere he could pursue both of his passions, The Om of Medicine. 
When he’s not helping his team and customers, you can find him bowling, golfing, or helping his son make the best Pinewood Derby car. He also loves watching movies with his wife and daughter, the Little Mermaid is a fan favorite!

Stateside: Banking for marijuana industry
Stateside: Banking for marijuana industry 750 600 omie
Alexa 1024 1024 omie

Alexa grew up in Belleville, Michigan and traveled throughout the states before coming to Ann Arbor. She loves the positive energy and progressiveness that Ann Arbor allows. Some of her favorite activities include going on hikes, finding new places, reading and making new friends. Alexa will be attending school to become a nurse in the labor and delivery unit. Her passion is to help people of all backgrounds. Her love and appreciation for cannabis started when she saw the positive affects it had on a close family member. After becoming an Omie, she has found that helping people find the right medicine for their ailments brings her joy, and seeing what plant medicine can do has changed her life completely. Other than being an Omie, Alexa is also a waitress at a local restaurant in Ann Arbor, it’s close by so she encourages you to say hello if you notice her! PS ask her about David Bowie.

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Izzy is a small town girl navigating Ann Arbor for the first time. Her special talents include yarn working, campfire stories and balancing office supples. She has been using cannabis since 2015 to help with insomnia, PTSD and to over all live a better life. With five years of pharmacy experience under her belt she hopes to continue to learn and use her experience in both the pharmacy and cannabis industry to help others learn how to use cannabis in the most beneficial way possible.

Karen S.
Karen S. 919 919 omie

Karen began using cannabis about 7 years ago. She prefers using edibles because they are softer on her system, and she also uses transdermal cannabis products for other benefits. “Cannabis has given me amazing results and a better quality of life,” she says, “The wonderful benefits offer me an overall sense of peace and wellbeing.”

Karen reached out to share her special story about how THC transdermal salve helped her health! “I used the the THC salve on a mole that was going to be surgically removed. After using it for only one week, the mole dried up and fell off! Additionally, a flesh-colored mole appeared on my forehead, and I thought it would need to be removed. I used the salve and it disappeared and has not returned yet!”

“This is the tip of the iceberg of what cannabis can teach us! Thank you Om for having a knowledgeable staff, great customer service, and a welcoming atmosphere!”